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Social Booth

a branded CA Photo Booth kiosk set up for a company's brand activation to capture a lead list for marketing

Our digital-only solutions are a modern take on the traditional photo booth experience. Our Social Booth captures and delivers fun images, boomerangs and GIFs that can be easily shared on social media or saved to a device.

This sustainable option comes equipped with lighting equipment and a touch screen interface that allows users to snap pictures, add filters, and share their images with just a few taps.

With the rise of social media, digital experiences have become increasingly popular for events such as weddings, parties, brand activations and corporate events, as they offer a fun and interactive way for guests to capture and share memories.

One of the biggest advantages of our Social Booths is the ability to customize and brand the images with logos, themes, and hashtags, making them a great marketing tool for businesses and organizations.

Overall, Social Booths are a convenient and entertaining way to capture and share memories in today's digital age.

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